The Easiest Way to Sell a House
for Cash in California

The traditional home selling experience is terrible.
Most people don’t realize that you do NOT need to
go through a realtor.

You can sell your house for cash directly to us. We have 14 years of experience and can get you started in 5 minutes or less.

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No costly repairs. No agent fees. No closing costs.

We buy as-is, pay cash, work quickly, and we're local.
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Mike Google Review

I had an awesome experience working with you. Whenever I called, you answered. Even though my house had a lot of issues, you made sure the whole process was painless. Can’t thank you enough!!

Mike Cambra, Costa Mesa

We Buy Houses in California

Did you know you can sell your house yourself, without a realtor?

You can save tens of thousands of dollars in real estate fees, costly repairs, and closing costs. We’ll buy your house directly, no stress.

Give Us 5 Minutes

Before committing months to a realtor.

We’ll Give You the Best Offer —
AND We Have the Experience to Make It Easy

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in California, we streamline the process.
We’ll buy your house, along with all of its problems:

You make NO repairs
You pay NO agent fees
We pay ALL closing costs

You Deserve to Live in a Home
That You Love…

Not one that’s stressing you out.

If your house is becoming a financial and emotional burden, selling to a cash buyer is the smartest and fastest way to start a new chapter. Don’t let mortgage payments rob you of financial freedom.

Make changes. Move forward. It starts today.

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We Buy Houses in 3 Simple Steps

Why Sell to Us

California home sellers choose us for a quick, efficient, and professional process.

Upfront & Honest

Integrity and 100% transparency are the most important parts of every deal we do.

We Buy As-Is

You don’t even have to clean the house before selling it! Leave any junk you don’t need, and we’ll take care of everything.

Close Fast

If you need to sell your house by a particular date, let us know and we will close within the timeline that fits your needs.

No Agent Fees

Avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars to a real estate agent. Their job is to find a buyer… we are a cash home buyer.

No Other Fees

There aren’t any fees to work with our company — you’re working with a buyer directly. Not only are we paying you for the house, we’ll cover any fees associated with the sale.

We Pay Cash

We buy the house in cash to avoid the uncertainty of bank loans.

Why Transparency Matters

Our cash offer is the amount you get when we close.

We Will be Honest From the Start

Often times companies will promise you a price, but it will change with “fees” or logistics when in escrow. We’re upfront from the start, and what we offer is what you get.

We Will be Informative About Your Offer

At Sell My Old House we believe that you deserve to know exactly how we come up with your offer. We can answer any questions, and will break down your offer — item by item — so that you can be confident in knowing that you are getting the
best offer for your home.

Our Goal is to Leave Every Homeowner in a Better Situation…

Whether we buy your house or not.

We are committed to helping you work through your property problems. Selling your home can be a difficult transition — emotionally, physically, and financially.
We won’t treat you like another number.

We promise to make this process quick, easy, and honest.

Get Your Cash Offer

Sell My Old House is a Great Solution If…

You Want to Sell in Days, Not Months

If time isn’t on your side, then selling to a professional home buying company like Sell My Old House is going to be the fastest way to sell a house. That’s because, non-investment buyers are using conventional financing to purchase your home – they need to play by their bank’s rules. When a  bank is involved, a sale can take 3 months to close… or worse, sales often fall through altogether!

Other times, an appraisal comes back lower than the agreed upon price. The buyer then needs to finance the difference out of pocket, or the deal falls apart. 

We pay in cash, and we’re ready to go right away. We aren’t waiting on an approval from the bank. We’re able to skip the long, drawn out process of appraisals, home inspections and more. We’ll check out your property and make an offer that same day. 

Our typical escrow is a couple weeks. However, we can accommodate time-sensitive sales as quickly as five days. 

You Have Property Problems

The type of houses we buy most often are the type that need a lot of work. From the roof, to plumbing and electrical — major repairs can add up quickly — and be deal-breakers for other buyers. The cost for materials and labor are painfully expensive — especially when you don’t have experience. 

Often people selling their homes neglect to budget for unexpected repair costs until it’s too late. 

We are experts at managing property repairs. Don’t let surprise costs put you in a bad situation. Don’t lose the opportunity to sell your house because of repairs done poorly. We’ll take care of it instead.

We’ve nailed down the process to weed out uncertainty. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the house or are renting it out… it doesn’t even matter if it’s uninhabitable.

We are in the business of solving property problems. We’ll arrange the details so that selling your house becomes a breeze. 

Are You Dealing With Any of These Problems? You’re Not Alone

We’ve bought hundreds of California houses and helped hundreds of people through the process.
Here are some of the issues we’ve helped homeowners overcome:

  • foreclosure
  • hoarder houses
  • need to sell quickly
  • behind on payment
  • need tons of costly repairs
  • fire damage
  • probate
  • code violations
  • downsizing
  • divorce
  • medical bills
  • water damage
  • relocation
  • inheritance house
  • trouble with tenants
  • too much debt
  • owe more than it’s worth
  • upsizing
  • bankruptcy
  • property taxes behind
  • avoiding auction
  • liens
  • need quick cash
  • death in the family
  • bad neighborhood
  • retiring
  • out of state owner

We Find Value in Any House

We buy houses in California in any condition.

People reach out to us with all sorts of reasons for needing to sell their house in California. After fourteen years, we’ve learned that we can find value in any house. We’ll give you a fair offer.

Most of the people that we buy houses from in California have multiple issues going on with their property. We are experts in dealing with property problems. We’ll take care of it.

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No costly repairs. No agent fees. No closing costs.

We buy as-is, pay cash, work quickly, and we're local.
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We buy houses in all areas of  California. If you need to sell your house fast in California, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair, 100% transparent, no-obligation, and no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂