How to Sell a House As Is California

Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House

By Johnathon Case

By selling your house as is, you can avoid the upfront large cost associated with getting a house ready to sell. You won’t have to paint, fix repairs, clean, or perform other maintenance on the property. Since you won’t be spending lots of money making the property ready to sell, you’re going to save more money. Of course, you still want your property to show as best as possible. Simple things like picking up any animal waste, trash in the lawn, minimizing clutter within the home, and even deodorizing an old carpet can go a long way when showing a house as is. For more detailed information on how to sell a house as is in California, call Sell My Old House today.

Fewer Contingencies

Along with avoiding large fixer-upper expenditures up front, you will have fewer contingencies when selling your house as is. Maybe you will have no home inspection, perhaps you will have an all-cash offer, and perhaps you will have fewer ways the contract can fall out of escrow.

Avoid the Headaches that Come with Selling a House

Selling your house as is means you will also be able to avoid all the other little inconveniences that come with getting a house ready to go on the market. For example, you won’t have to call all the contractors and compare their bids, adjust your schedule so you can accommodate everything, and jump through all the hoops. You’re just putting your house out there as is and waiting for a buyer. Of course, there is some downside when it comes to selling a house as is.

Be Ready to Get Low-Balled

Any time you’re putting “As is” in a home’s description; somebody’s going to come in and try to low-ball you. Don’t be upset or offended by it. Just expect it, and no what your plan of action is when you do get low-balled. Maybe your plan could be to outright reject them or to have a higher list price. Just be ready to get low-balled.

Get Ready to Deal with a Lot of Investors

You’re going to be dealing with a pool of investors any time you sell your house as is. These are not ordinary or first-time homebuyers. We’re talking about investors who are looking to get an extraordinary deal so that can turn around and make a quick substantial profit. If you’re not used to dealing with investors, these are a completely different type of beast than your typical homebuyer.

Expect to Sell for Less

Expect to get less money for your house than comparable homes when you sell it as is. As is homes won’t show as well, and it will be harder for you to demonstrate the value of the home to potential buyers compared to a home that’s staged down the street with a manicured front lawn and all the checklist things of putting a house on the market. It’s okay to sell as is but expect that you will get less money.

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