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Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House

By Johnathon Case

Are you aware that as a homeowner in CA, you can sell a house as is for cash in California? Most homeowners mistakenly think they must go through a realtor or sell their home by-owner on the market in order to sell, but the truth is, there’s a much easier, faster way to get equity out of your home. Sell My Old House can buy your home with a same day cash offer, regardless of the condition of the house or property.

The Problems of Traditional Selling Practices

Listing your home on the market requires an extensive waiting period that involves finding the right real estate agent, negotiating a commission, listing the house, and waiting for the right buyer to show interest. The process if further delayed by price negotiations, inspections from the bank, and the closing, which can take months, depending on the circumstances. Our clients tell us, without exception, that they don’t have that kind of time to wait for a conventional sale.

Why Cash Sales Are Better

An agent from Sell My Old House can come out on your schedule and make you an immediate cash offer on your home. We’ll take the condition of your home into consideration, but we will not use its status as a determining factor of whether we’ll buy your house or not. We frequently purchase houses that have fire damage, flooding damage, roofing issues, basement problems, carpet and flooring needs, code upgrades needed, and more. You’ll save a lot of time and money by deciding to forego repairs and sell the house as is for cash in California.

Inherited Home Burdens

If someone in your family left you a home in California as an inheritance, you might find yourself struggling to make payments on utilities, taxes, maintenance, or other costly services. If you’re not living in the property you’ve inherited, it can quickly become a source of money flow problems. You can turn your inherited property into immediate cash by calling Sell My Old House. You could have money in your hand in as little as seven days following our agreement.

Don’t Be Nickel and Dimed Out of Your Money

Conventional home sales are a huge hassle and require several expensive services, starting with an appraisal, your signature agreeing to pay a realtor a considerable portion of the sale price, inspection fees, repair costs, and closing costs. In the end, you’ll end up losing a significant amount of the total sale price just to sell your home- and it could take months or years before the right buyer finds your home.

Sell My Old House will make you a cash offer with no hidden fees- we often pay the closing fees as well. There are no commission fees or other costs involved whatsoever- if the price we offer is a good fit for you, we’ll buy your house and assume all the risks. You’ll walk away with cash in your hand when you sell any house as is for cash in California to Sell My Old House.

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Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House Selling your home can be a long and stressful process. It doesn’t have to be. I’m Johnathon and I’m here to help.

Client Reviews

Start over in a new home quickly…

After the fire, we never thought we’d be able to sell our house. SMOH was a blessing and an opportunity for us to get out of the house, and start over in a new home quickly — without any more trouble! Thank you SMOH for helping us bounce back.

Charles, Lancaster

Closed within 7 days…

Johnathon made the process dead simple. He gave me a cash offer and explained it to me the same day he was at my property. We closed within 7 days of our initial meeting at my home. Couldn’t be happier.

Anthony, Hyde Park

Making a burdensome process simple…

Johnathon was easy to access and prompt to address my concerns. He was easy to work with, making a burdensome process simple.

Jack, Lakewood