We Buy Houses: Why Should You Sell Your House for Cash?

Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House

By Johnathon Case


Selling a home is often a stressful, frustrating, and lengthy experience. While moving to a new home is a challenge, selling your home requires even more work.

The traditional way of selling your home involves dealing with a realtor, listing your home for sale, getting it ready for open houses, and interacting with potential buyers. You also need to negotiate, agree on an offer, and wait months for the closing date.

Selling your home for cash does not involve the same hassles.

If you want to avoid realtor fees, closing costs, and the stress of selling a home, selling to a cash buyer may be the best option. Here is everything that you need to know about selling your home for cash.

How Does the Home Buying Process Work?

Selling your home to a cash buyer only requires several steps. It is a completely different experience compared to putting your home on the market.

When you decide to sell to a cash buyer, you eliminate the need to deal with many of the tasks that are typically associated with selling a home. For example, you do not need to spend weeks cleaning up your property and making it presentable.

We buy houses using a simple process. It starts when you decide to contact us about buying your house. We’ll arrange to meet at your home and present you with an offer on the same day. Within two weeks, you’ve got cash in hand.

Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

The main benefit of selling to a cash home buyer is convenience. Selling your home to a cash buyer removes the extra players that are typically involved in a home sale. You don’t need to work with a realtor or wait for a buyer to get approval from a bank.

Here are a few of the main benefits of selling to a cash home buyer:

  • Sales happen quickly
  • Sales do not fall through
  • No home repairs needed
  • No realtor fees

We buy houses fast. In many cases, homeowners have their cash within a couple of weeks.

The typical home sale takes three months, from the time an offer is made to the closing date. Depending on your reasons for needing to sell your home, you may not have three months.

There is also a risk that the sale may fall through or that an appraisal comes back lower than expected. Home buyers do not always have pre-approval before making an offer. They may also back out at the last minute. Dealing with these variables can lead to unnecessary stress.

The traditional process of selling a home also requires a lot of prep work. You need to ensure that your home is presentable to prospective buyers, which may also require home repairs.

Selling your home to a real estate investor helps you avoid these issues.

At Sell My Old House, we buy houses for cash in the shortest amount of time. Instead of several months, you may only need to wait a couple of weeks. We can check out your real estate property and give you an offer the same day.

For emergency situations, we may accommodate faster sales, helping you get cash for your home in just five days. You don’t need to wait on us to get approval from a bank. When we buy houses, we pay cash.

You can also avoid home repairs. You can sell your home in its current condition without spending time, energy, and money fixing issues around your house. No matter if your home has peeling paint, broken steps, or water damage, you can still sell your home quickly.

Get Quick Cash for Your Unsellable Real Estate

When a property falls into disrepair, it becomes hard to sell. There is a very small market for investors that want to purchase dilapidated properties, renovate them, and flip them.

If your home suffers from problems that require costly repairs, it may sit on the market for months or years without anyone showing interest. Even minor cosmetic fixes may keep buyers from showing interest.

Besides your primary dwelling, you may have a rental property that you’re having trouble selling. It is quite common for rental properties to suffer from neglect.

It may be difficult to keep up on routine maintenance tasks when you do not physically live in the property. You may also end up with bad tenants that leave permanent damage or major issues that you need to fix.

Landlords often face difficulty trying to sell these types of properties without spending money on repairs. Luckily, there is an alternative.

We may buy your unsellable property. We buy houses for cash, even when they require extensive repairs or have been deemed uninhabitable.

Sell Properties Damaged by Disasters or Accidents

Neglect and destructive tenants are not the only causes of property damage. Fires, flooding, and natural disasters may lead to major damage to your property. Instead of dealing with the lengthy renovation process, you may simply want to move on to a new home.

There are also situations where an insurance company will not pay on a claim. If the disaster or accident was not covered by your insurance, you may not receive any money to cover the repairs.

Downsize or Upsize Your Living Accommodations

Deciding to downsize or upsize your living arrangements requires you to sell your current property. In some cases, you may not have the option to wait several months to work with a realtor and find a potential buyer.

Selling to a cash buyer can help you move quickly. You can sell your home within a couple of weeks and use the funds to buy your new property.

Reduce the Stress of an Unexpected Relocation

If you suddenly need to relocate to a new area, selling your home quickly may make the move a little easier. When your organization unexpectedly requires you to relocate or offers you a new career opportunity, you may not have a lot of time to get your affairs in order.

You may need to quickly find accommodations in the city you’re relocating to and deal with additional responsibilities at work. Instead of enjoying your relocation, it may become a major source of stress in your life.

Selling your property quickly can help eliminate some of this stress. After selling your property, you have one less challenge to deal with.

Sell an Inherited Real Estate Property Quickly

Inheriting a home from a deceased relative brings added responsibilities. You may not need another real estate property to deal with.

An inherited house still comes with expenses, even if you do not plan on living in it. You may need to pay property taxes and insurance. You may even find that there is still a mortgage on the property.

Instead of renting the property or putting it on the market, you can consider selling it off quickly. An unexpected inheritance shouldn’t become more of a burden. We buy houses fast to help during these types of unique situations.

Avoid Closing Costs and Real Estate Agent Fees

Realtors often collect thousands during a typical home sale. Closing costs may also reach several thousand dollars, depending on the value of the property.

Selling to a cash buyer allows you to avoid closing costs and real estate agent fees. You can cut out the realtors and banks and simply get paid cash.

You Get to Choose a Timeline That Works for You

When you sell your home to a regular buyer, a closing date is set by the bank. You do not get to decide when the sale takes place. This forces you to plan your schedule around the needs of the bank.

If you sell to a cash buyer, you get to choose a timeline that works for you. For example, you may need to wait an extra week or need to speed up the process. While we buy houses within two weeks or less, you can set a specific date.

The Most Streamlined Process for Selling Your Home

There are many potential reasons why you cannot wait to sell your home. You may need the funds to cover unexpected medical costs, legal issues, or any other financial situation.

You may also have a property that simply won’t sell. If your house has sat on the market for too long, selling it becomes more of a challenge.

In the end, selling your home to a cash buyer is the most streamlined solution.

When you use the traditional methods, you need to find a realtor and list your property. You also need to get it ready. This may involve dealing with minor or major repairs, cleaning up the yard, and setting aside time for open houses.

Besides these steps, you need to deal with the buyers, negotiations, and offers. After you finally accept an offer, you may still wait months for closing.

At Sell My Old House, we buy houses for cash for your convenience. If you do not want to deal with the challenges of traditional home-selling methods, consider selling your home to a cash buyer today.

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