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Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House

By Johnathon Case

Sell My Old House provides the easiest way to sell your home in California. We offer immediate cash for homes in Los Angeles, its surrounds, and throughout the entire state of CA. If you’re thinking about selling your home, but don’t have the time to make repairs, contact an agent, or wait for an extended closing, we have the perfect solution to your problem. Call us, and we’ll come out and make a same-day offer to buy your home for cash… it’s that easy.

Cash Offers Eliminate Common Selling Issues

Homes that need repairs typically don’t sell well on the market. If your house needs a new roof, has experienced a fire or flood damage, needs new carpets or flooring or has any other type of damage or issues, we’ll overlook the problems and make a cash offer based on the current condition of the house and property. You won’t have to pay a real estate agent to list your home or wait until a buyer shows interest- we’ll buy in the as-is condition the same day we meet with you to look over your property.

No Lengthy Wait

The average home spends months- often years- on the market waiting for the right buyer to come along. Most of our clients don’t have that kind of time on their hands. If you need to sell your house right now, call Sell My Old House – we pay cash for homes in Los Angeles and beyond. You will not have to go through a real estate agency, place your home on the MLS and wait to sell. Fill out our website form to get the sale process underway right now.

Give Us 5 Minutes of Your Time

Before you make a big mistake by signing on with a realtor and committing to paying a high rate of interest and waiting while your house is listed and made available to the market, make a simple phone call to Sell My Old House to find out how we can help. We can provide immediate cash flow that can enable you to move on with your life and get out from the burden of home ownership.

Inherited Property Sales

If you’ve recently inherited a home or property that is costing you money in unpaid or immediate taxes, utilities, maintenance, or other fees, we can eliminate the stress and remove the burden of owning a house you don’t want and can’t afford. Sell your inherited house to an agent from Sell My Old House for same day cash in your hand that you can use for anything you want- there are no restrictions because it’s your money.

Don’t wait, call us right now for a fast cash sale on any home in California, regardless of the condition. We are proud to offer cash for homes in Los Angeles, eliminating the long, stressful process of listing your home through an agent or as a by-owner sale. Get started now with a phone call to our office.

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Johnathon Case, Founder of Sell My Old House

Selling your home can be a long and stressful process. It doesn’t have to be. I’m Johnathon and I’m here to help.

Client Reviews

Start over in a new home quickly…

After the fire, we never thought we’d be able to sell our house. SMOH was a blessing and an opportunity for us to get out of the house, and start over in a new home quickly — without any more trouble! Thank you SMOH for helping us bounce back.

Charles, Lancaster

Closed within 7 days…

Johnathon made the process dead simple. He gave me a cash offer and explained it to me the same day he was at my property. We closed within 7 days of our initial meeting at my home. Couldn’t be happier.

Anthony, Hyde Park

Making a burdensome process simple…

Johnathon was easy to access and prompt to address my concerns. He was easy to work with, making a burdensome process simple.

Jack, Lakewood