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5 Steps to Selling a House Without a Realtor in CA

By Johnathon Case

selling a house without a realtorThere are countless reasons homeowners today forego using realtor. If you’d like to save tens of thousands of dollars in realtor commissions, if you need a speedy sale, or if you just don’t trust realtors — we’re here to help. We have more information on how to sell a home by owner in CA. 

In addition to the lengthy process a realtor takes to sell your home with conventional financing — working with a realtor can potentially make a big spectacle of your home. You’ll have neighbors and strangers coming in and out and asking questions you may not wish to answer. You can bypass this tiresome process by selling a house without a realtor in CA. When an owner sells their home to a direct buyer, it’s a private process. 

Something else to consider is that many investors will not want to offer on your property once it has been listed on the MLS. This is because investors generally do not like to get in a bidding war and will often times avoid listed property all together. They will instead purchase properties privately in an off-market setting. So if your property needs a lot of work, just keep in mind you can actually have a much harder time selling it once you put the property on the MLS.

Realtors are great for marketing your property and helping you find a buyer for your home. If you have the months to spend in fixing up your home, photographing it, showing it to potential buyers and listing it, a realtor may be for you. However, their end goal is to find a buyer for your home. We can be that buyer! 

How it works:

  1. Find a cash buyer for your home (like us!). We specialize in quiet, timely, and direct seller-to-buyer purchases that don’t require a realtor. We buy homes from homeowners, with or without a realtor. We have many years of experience and can make the process very simple.
  2. We’ll meet with you at your home, and make a same-day cash offer. No weeks of calls and weeks of strangers coming into your home. Save time by going direct to the source. When we walk your property we will tell you the same day if it meets our 5 Steps to Selling Your House Without a Realtor in California | Skip the commissions and sell your house by yourself | www.fasthomecashoffers.combuying criteria.
  3. You can move out and get the full cash payment for your home in as little as seven days. We’re experts and professionals in purchasing homes in cash. We guarantee a premium experience. We can adjust the move out schedule based on your individual needs. Sometimes we can even close on the property while you still live there, so you have funds to use for other purposes.
  4. Skip the high risk of the appraisal process and financing contingencies.  We’re ready to go. Skip dealing with buyers who may not qualify to buy your home. In a traditional sale, you must wait for the bank to approve the price that you and the buyer agreed on. Sometimes appraisers are from out of the area and will come up with a value that is different than what you agreed on. If this happens, the buyer will have to come out of pocket with the additional funds. If the buyer doesn’t have the extra cash, the deal will fall apart. It is actually estimated that up to 15% of home sales fall through due to appraisal or financing issues. 
  5. The offer we make is the true offer you get when selling a house without a realtor.  We take care of the fees, the cleaning, and can even assist with relocation. And those tens of thousands that a realtor would normally make? All yours!There’s no realtor commissions on our end or yours, a win for both of us. Give us a call today 805.452.8238. 

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